Japanese netizens put reality on hold for a moment, fall in love with new attorney general of Crimea


Natalia (2)

As the situation in Ukraine goes from unstable to about to completely fly off the rails, Japanese Interent users couldn’t help noticing something about the new attorney general appointed in Crimea. While the 33-year-old Natalia Poklonskaya is, without a doubt, holding one of the most difficult jobs in the world right now, netizens in Japan quickly took to the forums to praise for being…so beautiful?

Check out the powerful woman whose captured 2Channel users’ hearts, and some of their comments, below!

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A life tree

A life tree

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Squirrel in fragganti

Squirrel in fragganti

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My culture, mexican, is one of the most emblematic culture of America, not the country, but yes the continent. Right now, my country is living one difficult period: the war against the drug trafficking, which was the legacy of Felipe Calderon, one of the worst, for me, President of Mexico of modern age. So, in the world, the people has the images of “our corpses”. In this picture, I want to illustrate the other side of my country: the tradition arts and the folklore.
Welcome to Mexico and enjoy our culture.

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Seed of Chucky


I admite that my worst nightmare is being near of Chucky, yes, the dolls of Child’s Play. Well, in this case, my fear has a reason, very stranger: the death. Since childhood I had awareness of death, because we had a dog kennel and it was common for weaker cubs die. Anyway, the first movie of this series produced to me an emotion which put my conscience upon a beer’s jar. The last film, “Seed of Chucky”, considered like the worst movie of this series, is, without doubt, a parody about several films of Golden Century of Hollywood. The more obvious is the name of son or daughter of Chucky and Tiffany: Glen or Glenda, like the Ed Wood’s movie, considered like the worst director in the industry. 

The tribute to Hitchcock is obvious: the murder in the bathroom, the constant references to transvestism child of Chucky and even clothing. The classic scene from The Shining, where Jack Nicholdson chases his wife and smashes a door with an ax.


Anyway, if you are looking for jewelery that reinvindique the character, in serious terms, are wasting your time. However, if you, as your server, you want to laugh and be part of the irony and parodies of classic films: you have to see it.

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Perhaps a new


A few days ago, I watched a film of Rob Zombie: The Devil’s Rejects (2005), which is the second-part movie of House of 1000 Corpses (2003) and, like always, the movie had a dose of extreme violence, drug abuse and unexpectedly revenge. Perhaps the last-first movie is (un)famous for its violence and influences, the movie’s story has a good moment and is immorally innovative. As a movie of series B, the proposal is to include a basic level of fear, using the least amount of special effects, inscribed in big American productions and actors unknown or have only minor roles, as in the case of Matthew McGrory (1973-2005), known for being the world’s tallest player and Danny Trejo, American actor who descends from Mexican migrants.

The film, well, is terrible and comic moments, but the innovation is revenge and retribution. A family of murderers haunted by the victims themselves. Highly Recommended!

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Ulises Macabeo.

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What a Surprise!!

What a Surprise!!

I was surprised after waking up in the morning. A friend of mine from Poland did something too beautiful and gorgeous. I was really surprised. I just opened my laptop with John Denver’s Country Road playing, logged in my email and I found the mail. Though I will go out within an hour to catch the bus to reach my college but I am so happy to see the work.

It was something written in my native language.

in my mind john Denver is still whispering ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ take me home, country roads, to the place I belong, west Virginia, mountain Momma……..

If I were a poet perhaps I would write a poem for her. but I am not nevertheless John Denver’s country roads i dedicate to her..

Take love my friend….it’s agape love

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